Characters in Sunday School

Hello Everyone!
I am very excited to be making my first post here on the First Congo blog! Sunday School has been a joy to be apart of here and I really would like to share some of the teaching tools we have been looking at. A big goal of mine is to connect scripture and worship to things our children may have seen and also may enjoy. Also, I am big fan of film and books, so I really like to making connections using both!

We have started out our Sunday School year talking about heroes. Who are heroes in our own lives? Who are heroes in the bible? What makes a hero? We have discussed many heroes in Sunday School from Jesus to Batman, from Mom to teachers! This theme of being a hero and how God wants us to be heroes is a theme we are still carrying out through out this year and the youth have really responded well to it!

Also, we have used examples from the children’s films Happy Feet and Akeelah and the bee. Both of these films give great examples of how being ourselves, just the way we are, we can make a great connection with God and great connections with others. In Happy Feet, we focused on “What is your heart song”? “How do you share your heart song with others”? And in Akeelah and the bee, we learn about the power within and with God, all things are possible. Here are the links we have have watched in Sunday School. Please give them a view and feel free to share your feelings and thoughts!

Happy Feet

Akeelah and the bee

Currently, we have been working with the children’s book, Pete the Cat. Pete has a lot of lessons to share about how no matter what happens to us in life, it is all good. With faith, love, and understanding, life is a wonderful journey we all walk through together! As we continue to look at these examples and others in the future, I greatly encourage you to connect with our youth and discuss with them your own journeys and share your own examples, thoughts, and feelings.

Blessings and love,