Sermon Response | January 26, 2014

Hi There, Friends!
You’d think with all of this cold weather I’d be blogging away, but somehow the weeks just keep slipping by.  Let’s get back on track, shall we?
This week in my sermon I talked about the E Word– Evangelism.  This tends to be a scary word for progressive Christians like myself, who want so badly for each individual to think for themselves.  But at the same time there’s some balance necessary here.  When I try out a new recipe that I love, I share it.  When I hear a band or a musician I love, I share it.  So why is it that when I read a Bible passage I love, attend a church service I love, or hear a prayer that I love, I only share it with the people I know who are Christian or who are a part of my church?  This is a very difficult balance– sharing the part of the story we love while at the same time not pushing others or forcing others to think the way we think.
But I’ll tell you what– I really do love our church.  I love what we do, I love who we are, I love the potential we have to do big things.  But that word “potential” is a key word for our ministry right now.  We have ideas– BIG ideas– but we may not have the time and the energy to implement those ideas at this time.  Our time and energy has to grow, and in many ways that means finding more people to share in our journey.  How will we find them?
I may be ruffling some feathers here.  Actually I’m ruffling my own feathers a bit.  This type of talk is out of my comfort zone because I’m one of those people who feels very uncomfortable with “The E Word.”  So will you join me on this journey of finding balance between being pushy and being inviting?  Will you join me in the journey to tell the story about who we are and why you should check us out?