Reopening the Church –

  • from Pastor Jeffrey – The health and safety of the congregation remains the main priority in facing the question as to when to return to traditional worship services. Jeffrey noted that state and national UCC leaders, and the Wisconsin Council of Churches all urge caution and even suggest that it may be well into next year before a full reopening would be appropriate and safe. Seating would need to be spaced per guidelines and the total number of persons attending would have to be limited and monitored (25% of capacity...equals 50 people for us). Services would need to be without singing and the services would likely be shorter.


  • Extensive discussion followed, including suggestions that the Worship Committee should be involved in these decisions to be made ultimately by church leaders. There were suggestions for alternate “service activities” – e.g., drive-in worship or an outdoor service. By the end, it seemed clear to those involved in the discussion that it was too early to be able to set a firm date.