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Happy Thanksgiving

Dear members and friends,

We send you warm wishes for your tables to be graced by the ones you love, whether near (in person) or far (by video, text, or phone call), who remind you of what matters most in life; for full bellies that do not know hunger; and for generous hearts which gladly share what God has provided.

We here at First Congregational Church of Ripon are grateful for you and the work you do sharing the love of God with the world.

Please receive this prayer as a gift today:

God of blessing,

We are grateful for Your love which shines so evidently in our community: for people of faith who walk with you and one another on this journey; for children who laugh and learn and participate in your extravagance; for volunteers who selflessly give of themselves to make our community a better place; for hugs and laughter and tears and joy on Sundays and beyond; for the ways in which Your love soaks deeply into our hearts such that it transforms us. Bless the food we eat and the people who surround us, at home or afar. Fill us with good things, food for body and spirit, peace for community and belonging, and generous hearts to share the love you give to us.

In the extravagant love of Christ we pray.


This Thanksgiving, may you and yours be blessed.

Peace and Grace,

Pastor Jeffrey

And the staff and leadership

at First Congregational Church of Ripon


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