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September 2019 Sermons


Table Time  | September 1, 2019 | Rev. Jeffrey Dodson... Inspired Series: Table

Picture a table that you have been seated at for some occasion. Did you eat? Did you play games?  Tables bring people together and can be a symbol of God's mercy and extravagance. There is something for everyone at the table. Where do you sit? At the head? At the far end?

Is there a table you need to go to in the future?


Hebrews 13:1-8, 15-16

Luke 14:1, 7-14



What's In Your Backpack?  | September 8, 2019 | Rev. Jeffrey Dodson... Inspired Series: Child

Life's moments move from Hmmm, to Hem (hemming in), to Aha. Seeing and opening a backpack can represent this. Hmm, what's in it, open it and see, I know.

God's backpack can be similar. Inside can be courage, knowledge and love. When we put on the backpack, we are taking with us God's great courage and love.


Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18

Luke 10:38-42



Will and Grace Live Here  | September 15, 2019 | Rev. Jeffrey Dodson... Inspired Series: Grace

Do you remember the TV show "Will and Grace"? The characters needed each other, supported each other, inspired each other. Inspired means God's breath blowing in. Grace means being courteous, having decency and respect. 

Using your will, can you live out grace?


Timothy 1:12-17



Inspired Prayer  | September 22, 2019 | Rev. Jeffrey Dodson... Inspired Series: Prayer

Christians are asked to pray on a regular basis. But, prayer can be a tricky thing...way too simple or way too difficult. Timothy exhorts us to pray for everyone, which calls us out of our provincialism and isolation. Prayer can be a way of disrupting the world, within and without.


1 Timothy 2:1-7



Benches not Fences  | September 29, 2019 | Rev. Jeffrey Dodson... Inspired Series: Life

What does it mean to have a good life? Having things and riches? Elevating yourself above others?

Does it take a wall to make this happen?

Maybe we should be building benches instead. Places that soften our hearts and broaden our relationships with others as we sit and talk. A truly good life is when we share with others.


1 Timothy 6:6-19

Luke 16:19-31


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